It’s been hard to write…

Time flies when you’re having fun, right? In all reality, time flew by because I’ve been so busy. It’s been a challenge to want to write on my travel blog.

Since returning home from Southeast Asia back in March 2020, I feel like time has just escaped me. In all honesty, returning to America came with a price. I had to start working full time again and traveling really didn’t exist. Without the ability to travel, heck, even without the thought of travel, continuing this travel blog wasn’t really exciting to me any more. I couldn’t find the words and I couldn’t even process what had happened in Vietnam (until over a year later). Hard to write about something, when you’re angry, sad, frustrated, and heartbroken.

As for working, it didn’t start out as full-time. After a few months home, I found myself in a new position as a Speech-Language Pathologist for a K-12 school in South Phoenix, working with children who I absolutely adore in a field a truly love. This new position came with a lot of computer work, mental focus, and took up a majority of my time. Because of those reasons, my heart and passion for this blog, writing, and creating travel videos on YouTube diminished.

I can’t say it was ALL because of work. Except, well, working from home for most of the 2020-2021 school year, staring at a computer all day and writing the extensive amount of paperwork that comes from Special Education, didn’t make me excited to write anything else. Nor did it make me want to stare at a computer any longer than what I HAVE too. It also stemmed from the fact that I was home, in a pretty much unfamiliar location and during a pandemic with strict quarantine policies.

Add that to having to find opportunities to get out, socialize, and make new friends, amongst a pandemic. Everything combined just became too overwhelming and mentally fatiguing. Hence, why I have done little to no creating outside of instagram.

But, after over 18 months apart from Mapless Adventures, I’m back. I plan to start writing again, even if it’s just for a travel diary for myself. I had a couple of national road trips in this past year and excited to FINALLY share the details.

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