A Hiking Adventure: Spray Park Trail

Another successful trip with The City Church Outdoors Group under my belt. This trip was a photography based adventure located at along the moderately difficult Spray Park Trail within Mount Rainier National Park. Spray Park is located on the northwest corner of Mount Rainier and is one of the three main stops for the Wonderland Trail.

Spray Park Trail is a7.5 mile, 1,600 feet elevation gain trail that ends at 6,400 ft above sea level and has perfect views of Rainier on every turn and the reason for this photography based adventure. The trail itself starts at Mowick Lake and connects to part of the Wonderland Trail. At this point you walk steadily upwards through sun-filled old growth forest before opening up to a beautiful view of Spray Falls. At this point, you are required to perform a little bit of back country style hiking before reaching the base of the fall. On a hot, sunny day like this day, the base had a bit of a splash zone and cooled us off just a little.

After Spray Falls, we continued hiking upwards through switchbacks until ending at large open meadows with boulders, flowers and Mt. Rainier- views every photographer would die to see. Even Washington Trails Association know the uniqueness of  Spray Park. Here is how they put it into words: “In many ways, you never recover from your first walk into Spray Park. The trail isn’t difficult to follow. It’s just difficult to forget.” This statement sums up my experience with the trail itself and it’s diffidently not one I will ever forget. Plus, I got to spend this adventure with amazing friends, new and old! If you don’t believe me, click here for pictures.

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