Scuba Diving Acapulco

Contiki Mexican Fiesta: Scuba Diving in Acapulco

Updated June 2020

Today was another full day in Acapulco. This time Contiki gave us the option of what water activity we wanted to do. This is day trip is an option excursion and includes three different options; kayaking, snorkeling or scuba diving. Since I won this trip because of my fear of the ocean, I decided it was only fitting that I scuba dove on this excursion.

Originally, I was the only one who selected scuba diving as my excursion. It did kind of bum me out as I was hoping to experience diving in Acapulco with other friends. Thankfully, I learned regardless of the excursion, we were all together for the entire day.

Acapulco Scuba Diving

The excursion was provided to us from Acapulco Scuba Center. They gave us with everything we’d needed for each of our respected activities. In total, 15 tour mates opted in this adventure; four kayaked (1 opted out once on the boat), 8 snorkeled and I scuba dove. I was suppose to go with Stef, but unfortunately she came down with the bus sickness. It was quite the group and there was plenty of laughs!

Acapulco Scuba Diving

After we arrived at Acapulco Scuba Center, we boarded the boat while our guides prepped all the equipment. They also fitted me with a very tight and snug wet suit, which I realistically could have done without.

It took us roughly 45 minutes to actually find a location to start our water adventure because of the amount of jellyfishes in the water. We attempted 4 different locations around Isla Roquette. Each location we went too had so many jellyfishes on the surface it almost looks like the night sky. These jellyfish were about the size of a dollar (if even that big) and although not poisonous, they do pack a punch.

By the time we finally found a place to anchor, I was getting beyond warm. I was wearing my wetsuit halfway thinking each time we got close, would be the time to dive. The kayakers were launched first, and then it was finally time to get into the water.

Time to Dive

This time entering the water was a little different. Instead of the side boat action in Cancun, we used the giant leap method. I actually practiced this method and landed perfectly.

Unfortunately, I forgot about my red filter on my GoPro and I turned the entire video red. I am a newbie at this after all and I definitely learned my lesson.

Acapulco Scuba Diving
Acapulco Scuba Diving

I was joined by a dive master and another straggler, who was just learning to dive. It was quite frustrating diving with someone who was just learning. Although I was new at diving, I wasn’t going through the initial course like I did in Seattle. I couldn’t imagine having someone who had dove before with me on those dives. I was an utter mess.

Realistically, I became a space cadet underwater. I was having too much fun searching for all the creatures. I have to admit if it wasn’t for my dive master I probably wouldn’t have seen half of them.

Scuba Diving

The visibility was shit, but I learned this was pretty typical for this time of year because of the temperature. In total I saw blowfishes, stingrays, starfish, a sea-horse, a frog fish, eels and a ton of other types of tropical fishes. 

My dive master and the other guy had to surface during the dive but I stayed underwater. It was my first time alone aside from my Seattle experience and I honestly didn’t mind it. It was much more peaceful than

Sea Creatures
Sea Creatures
Sea Creatures

Back on Dry Land

Once we exited the water, I found out that a few of my tour mates became were stung by the jellyfish. I felt really bad and they told me they couldn’t really see the fishes because of the clarity of the water. Regardless, everyone appeared to have a wonderful time.

We left our dive spot and started to venture around the island in search of the kayakers. We were unable to locate them right away. So instead, we headed out towards the open waters. Right in front of us were BLUE WHALES. OMGOSH, could this day be any more wonderful?

BLUE WHALES. I didn’t bring my big DSLR camera (lesson learned) but I was able to capture a little bit of the whales jumping out of water. None of us could contain our excitement.

We even saw a wild sea turtle, who kept embracing our presence by peaking its head above the surface. I think in total, we relaxed on the boat staring into the ocean, watching the whales for nearly 20 minutes. The captain then realized it was probably time to find the kayakers.

Finished Diving

After we located them, we got them back on board, confused at where we were. I didn’t have the heart to tell them. Either way, we headed back to land to continue with our last and final day in Acapulco.

Dinner Time and a Boring Night

We did manage to get back to our hotel at a reasonable time. While some hit the pool, I decided it was time for a nap, which realistically meant transferring photos or working on my computer.

Dinner time rolled around and I must say, it wasn’t anything exciting. I truly don’t remember much from dinner. I do remember the crew gathering for a hotel party, but that didn’t last long. Our tour guide actually called us “boring” because so many of us chose to go to bed vs. heading out on the town. I chose to go to bed. I was exhausted and honestly, I don’t need an excuse to say no to going out drinking.

Tomorrow is another fun filled day of bus travels to a small mountain town called Taxco. Stay Tuned

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