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Royal Caribbean Day 7: Day at Sea

Our final day on the Adventure of the Seas was upon us. We set sail from Barbados knowing it was going to be a long 36 hours aboard the ship. We also knew our day at sea was going to be an enjoyable one with our new friends.

As usual, our day started with breakfast. Thankfully, it wasn’t as early as the past five days and we were able to sleep in just a little. Darren and I had ONE thing we had on our list for the day and that was the pool

Pool Day

At this point, I hadn’t spent much time around the pools. Majority of our time had been spent on ports, eating or enjoying the night performances/activities. It was about time I took advantage of the other amenities our cruise ship had to offer. I especially loved that they had a separate pool just for adults! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love kids. I mean, I am a speech therapist, but it was nice to be away from kids for a little while.

Since we started our morning late, by the time we made it to the pool, there weren’t many chairs available. Luckily, I managed to find an open pool chair in the adult only pool area. The only downfall was that it happened to be in the direct line of the sun. The sun in the Caribbean is no joke and even though I came prepared with sunscreen, I still managed to get burnt.

After a couple hours lounging, I started to become restless and hungry. I reconnected with Darren and ventured to lunch where we just happened to have meet Karen and Richard.

Afternoon Entertainment

Following lunch, we made our way back to the pool deck. The pool deck at this point, was starting to get very active with pool events. Some of the events included a belly flop competition and a Sexy Man Competition. I always find the belly flop competitions entertaining. I mean who voluntarily jumps into a pool belly first?!?

As the day progressed, our crew grew as we met up with Bridget and Rob from the previous night. We remained on the pool deck to continue to watch the entertaining, “Sexy Man Competition”. It was by far the best entertainment on the ship! Rob even joined in the competition, which made watching way more enjoyable. Once the competition ended, the six of us divided and headed back to our cabins to get freshen up for dinner.

Our final family dinner was very special. Aside from the delicious food and joyful conversation, we enjoyed a bottle of bubbly and dancing from our wait staff.

We did our typical nightly routine following dinner. We wandered the ship, had a few beverages, enjoyed some ship entertainment, and then called it a night. I was happy with how simple our day at sea was and wasn’t upset to head to bed earlier than the others.

If only that was the end of our cruise. It wasn’t. Our day at sea might have ended, but the surprises kept coming.


Darren and I had an unwelcomed and rather terrifying morning wake up call by US customs and Border once we returned to San Juan, Puerto Rico. At 5:30 AM, we were jolted awake to pounding on our door. Loud, thudding, pounding alongside “Open up. This is Customs.”

Upon opening the door, there stood FIVE agents and a drug dog. We handed over our passports, like we were told, before stepped outside to wait. The drug dog and agents searched our room for maybe 30 minutes as part of a random drug search that apparently occurs with every return to port. I’m not sure if something red-flagged our cabin or if it truly was a random occurrence, but either way it was not the wake up call I was expecting.

We weren’t worried, but it still isn’t how I would have liked to start my morning. After it was finished, we were allowed to re-enter our cabin. Obviously, neither of us could really get back to bed.

It was time to grab one final breakfast in the buffet, before completing our disembarking requirements. I will probably miss the food the most from this cruise experience and not having to cook for a whole week.

When we finally headed off the ship and towards customs, Darren and I were actually a little lucky. Because of our CBP wake up call, we actually got to got to bypass the entire line. It made for a quick exit and an easy transition to the airport!

I truly don’t think I could have asked for a better week or a better travel buddy. Between all our adventures, our new friendships, and all of our enjoyable evenings, my week on the Adventure of the Seas ship with Royal Caribbean Cruises was surely special and one of a kind!

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