I Won a Trip off Twitter

It was December 2013. I was sitting in the office with a few co-workers when I received a shoutout on Twitter from Contiki Holidays. I was quite perplexed about why they would have shouted me out like that. What evolved from that tweet from Contiki was something I was not expecting.

Contiki Travels

Five years ago, I went on my first Contiki tour throughout the United Kingdom. I was just finishing up my experience studying abroad when I decided I wanted to travel around the UK. I had heard about these group tours throughout Europe and thought they sounded fun!

What is Contiki?

Contiki is a travel company, specializing in tours for adventurers ages 18-35 all over the world. After I traveled with them in 2008, I became part of a larger community of past, present and future travelers. I joined their email list that sends out information about when Contiki writes blogs and holds contests. I also follow them on the plethora social media sites where they share various travel locations and quotes.


One day in November, I read on an email from Contiki about a current contest they were holding, called the #NOREGRETS days contest. They are passionate about sharing the world and occasionally will open up opportunities for travelers to win one of their tours.

Now, I’m a very realistic person and never expect much when I register to win. That didn’t stop me from entering this contest.

The contest poised the question “If you could live one day with absolutely NO REGRETS, what would you do? Post on Twitter using the hashtag #NOREGRETS for change to win.”

My response was, “I would…face my fear and become a deep sea diver into the deepest, darkest corner of our ocean system. #Contiki #noregrets #ifeartheocean”

One month after posting this tweet was when I received the shout out on Twitter. It’s when I found out I was the WINNER of the #NOREGRETS days contest, right before Christmas.

It was not a joke either. I actually WON. There were no words to describe the surreal feeling of being selected the winner for a true to life honest post. I really do fear the ocean. It gives me anxiety just thinking about it.

contiki tweet

What I Won

Contiki is setting up an ultimate adventure where I’m going to fulfill my #NOREGRETS day. Meaning, I will have to learn how to scuba dive and become scuba certified. This is all in preparation for a MEXICAN DIVING ADVENTURE down to Chetumel, Mexico, which is located near Banco Chinchorro, Mexico’s larges coral reef. Banco Chinchorro is also the second biggest reef in the world.

Chetumel is located within the Yucatan Peninsula. It will be my first time in this region of Mexico and I couldn’t have asked for a better placement.

It gets better. I will not be facing my fears alone. Contiki is sending me diving in Mexico with CELINE COUSTEAU (Jacque Cousteau’s granddaughter). She is a French explorer, environmentalist, TV personality, photographer, and female extraordinaire.

All I have to say, is thank goodness that I will have someone who has grew up in the ocean and diving, because I am freaking out about facing my fear. And I haven’t even started my scuba diving experiences.

Can you believe it? I won this trip. I’m still struggling comprehending this information. I can’t believe this is real life.

It Gets Better

Following my scuba adventure with Celine, Contiki is sending me up to Mexico City to begin their 9-day Mexican Fiesta tour. I’ll be visiting Mexico City, Morelia, Ixtapa, Acapulco & Taxco, plus 3 World Heritage Sites. Even though I’ve traveled to Mexico often since I’m from Arizona, I don’t know much about these locations. It just means I get to go out and purchase some new travel books to learn about these cities.

Still Shocked

A twitter post.

This adventure is possible because of an honest and meaningful twitter post about a regret I’d actual have if something were to happen to me tomorrow. I don’t want to leave this world with fears that may impact me living life to the fullest. There’s no turning back now. I will FACE MY FEAR and dive the ocean! I’m so excited for April to come around but there is still so much to do before then. Stay tuned for more about my trip and adventure!

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