A Hiking Adventure: Lake Quinault Rain Forest

I cannot tell a lie…I have be extremely bad about utilizing my surroundings here in Washington. Well, things have finally changed about that. I live 45 minutes from the south entrance of Olympic National Forest (ONF) and Olympic National Park (ONP) and I have been told that I HAVE TO go hike it. So I did.

Lake Quinault Rain Forest is simply amazing. It had everything I could have asked for on my first ever WA hike. There was sunshine, waterfalls, unique plant life, and peace and quite. It’s still considered off-season so I was the only one on the hiking trail, which I didn’t mind one bit (it allowed me to mess around with my camera). This place is also home to “Six Rain Forest Giants” (trees). The national forest is home to the World’s Largest Douglas Fir and the World’s Largest Sitka Spruce. I didn’t get a chance to see the douglas fir (next trip) but I was able to visit the Sitka Spruce, and they aren’t kidding about HUGE. The national park is home to the World’s Largest Mountain Hemlock, the United State’s Largest Yellow Cedar and Western Hemlock. Plus a bonus, the Quinault Reservation is home to the World’s Largest Western Red Cedar. It’s unbelievable that all of these MASSIVE Trees are so close to my home. Looks like I have another goal to add to my “Washington To-Do list”. Click here for pictures!

I do love hiking so I am hoping to make another trip within the next few weeks so I can check out this Douglas fir. As for this upcoming weekend, my plan are yet to be determined. But I think maybe the Hoh Rain Forest…or Forks?!?! Stay tuned!

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