Day 9

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Today was another non-riding day and a much needed day of rest. We are calling today our Wilderness and Wildlife Day and here is why…
We decided last night that we were going to do a jet boat ride up the Rogue River. The total boat ride lasted from 8 to 4 and we traveled 104 miles (54 miles up river). If you don’t know anything about the Rogue River, then all you need to know is that it is the salmon fishing capital (outside of Alaska). People travel to Gold Beach to fish on the Rogue River.

Me on the Rogue River
Dad and the Rogue River

Unfortunately, dad and I are on the tail end of spring chinook salmon season, so we were unable to actually fish 🙁 It only means that we are coming back at a later date to fish with our friends. We cannot complain about the jet boat ride because we saw some very majestic wilderness and some radical wildlife.
Our tour guy, Tom, was quite a character and had very dry sense of humor, but it only made the trip that much better. We saw a river otter catch and eat a fish, a bear hanging out by the river, a bunch of osprey, a few bald eagles, some good ol’ buzzards, some deer (one actually was taking a dump on the side of the river), a blue jay, and of course a nice big salmon. Can’t complain about the wildlife scene along the Rogue River!!!
National Bird: The Bald Eagle
Otter eating his fish
Black Bear
One of the best quotes of the day from our tour guide (talking about spinning the boat):
“There are really only two reasons to do spins; one because the boats can do them and two there kind of fun!!”
Our lovely host, Nana, has been keeping dad and I extremely full…steak one night, pork the next with cake and ice cream tonight for dad’s birthday. It’s been the best meals we’ve had in a whole week. We have been pretty spoiled and are sad to leave in the AM but ready to see more of the beautiful Oregon coast and country side!

Random Scenery Photos of the Rogue River

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