Day 8

Daily Stats:
Time of Departure: 9:05 AM                                   
Departure City: Eureka, CA
Time of Arrival: 5:23 PM        
Arrival City: Gold Beach, Oregon
Total Travel Time: 8 hours 18 minutes (6 hrs 09 min on bike)
TOTAL MILAGE: 275.8 miles

We started our ride this morning, by back tracking about 40 miles south to drive through one of the three remaining drive-thru redwood trees. It was SO worth. This tree, called the Shrine Drive–Thru tree, was 5000 years old and was being held up my ropes and wires, but unfortunately the tree was not living anymore. Look how cool dad looks on his 53rd birthday!!!
The Shrine Drive-Thru Tree (5000 Years old)
The Tour-Thru Tree (alive)

After our detour, we headed back to Eureka and stopped at the local Harley Davidson dealership to grab a Redwood Harley shirt. I will post when dad and I wear them together (we got the same shirt). Then it was off to the National Park. At first dad and I were kind of disappointed because we could find the giant redwoods (which we kept driving right by without realizing it). We finally talked with a ranger and learned that it’s more of a drive/walk at your own pace. We did manage to find this pretty MASSIVE redwood and the photo doesn’t even come close to how giant these trees really are. The difference between the sequoias and redwoods is height not necessarily width, but the redwoods are definitely bigger.

Since we were heading north and driving right past another drive thru redwood, we decided to drive thru. I mean we can’t pass it up since it’s on our way. The biggest difference between the two trees, is this one is alive. I can now cross driving through a live tree off my bucket list 🙂
We randomly stopped at this place called Trees of Mystery that has a huge Paul Bunyan and his ox Babe just hanging out. Paul Bunyan even sang dad Happy Birthday. Yes, Paul spoke to all the people who kept passing by. It was pretty funny but pretty exciting for dad at the same time. How many people can say they have been sung “Happy Birthday” to by mister Paul Bunyan?!?
Mister Paul Bunyan
We continued our drive north towards our friend’s grandparent’s cabin in Gold Beach, Oregon. Along the way we kept bouncing from trees to coast, then back to trees, then back to coast; with the occasional mixture of both sceneries. It was quite a sight to see, mostly because of the fog. It’s difficult to truly explain what the fog was doing. It was sort of creepy and surreal at the same time. I should mention though, that when we were driving through the fog…it was a little on the FREEZING side, but we made it! Our wonderful host, Mrs. G a.k.a Nana, greeted us with a big smile and a delicious homemade meal! Best dinner we have yet thus far on our trip! Dad and I also saw our very first slug, or in his case a large moving turd. HA
First time in Oregon!
Tomorrow marks another non-ride day which will consist of jet boating and relaxing! Overall, I think dad had a wonderful birthday!

This is by far the best sign we have seen…but there was a tsunami  here so I guess not that funny.

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