Day 2

Daily Stats:
Time of Departure: 8:15 AM                                   
Departure City: Kernville, CA 
Time of Arrival: 6:41 PM        
Arrival City: Mariposa, CA (KOA)
Total Travel Time: 10 hours 26 minutes (7 hrs 52 min on bike)
TOTAL MILAGE: 328.5 miles

Today was BIG day for us on the bike. As you just read we did spent almost the exact same amount of time as we did yesterday though 200 miles shorter. How is that possible you ask? Well yesterday we averaged about 60 miles per hour…today we only averaged 40 MPH. I can’t complain though. The sights we say were spectacular.

We started our day driving past Lake Isabella and through the Kern Valley traveling along the Kern River. All this was considered part of the Sequoia National Forest. It was unbelievable. 
Following this portion, we spent about 100 miles driving through some incredible agriculture; cherry trees, orange trees, apricots, peaches (including white peaches), nut trees, and of course grapes. You can’t forget about the 10 miles of oil pumps/wells/whatever their called.

Then we arrived at our first National Park of the journey: Sequoia National Park. This park is particularly known for the giant sequoia trees, and by giant they mean ginormous. These trees were so GRAND that I couldn’t even get a whole tree in a picture. See what I mean.

Due to an hour delay (apparently a road collapsed in Sequoia), we didn’t see as much of King’s Canyon as we would have liked but we did see an amazing view of the Sierra Nevada’s. And as I am writing this, both dad and I are drinking a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale…ironic?!

Dad in Sequoia National Park


We continued on…and if you have ever driving with a GPS remember to tell it “ALL MAJOR ROADS.” Granted, both dad and I now realize it was leading us to our KOA Mariposa Kamp Ground via short cut, but the road, well lets just say “POT HOLES.”  Nonetheless we arrived at day 2’s final destination safe and sound!!
Tomorrow is another grand adventure for us as we venture into Yosemite National Park, which you should all google, because the waterfalls are the largest they’ve been in 20 years, then down to Pismo Beach to start California Pacific Highway (HWY 1). Can you tell I’m excited! Here are a few more pictures of our amazing Day 2 Ride…Enjoy!

Here are some more images from today 🙂


I hope you enjoyed them…stay tuned for day 3: Yosemite National Park 🙂

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