Day 13

Day 13: No Stats
It’s Sunday (June 26th) today and our first full day in Idaho, and what do dad and I do? We wake up at 5 AM so that we can make it to the start of the Ironman Triathlon. Talk about dedication huh? If you haven’t seen a start to an Ironman, as in the swim start, you should. It’s quite an amazing sight to see. Thousands of people running into the water. It’s pretty motivating to get into shape to want to compete in one…some day.
The entire day was centered around this event…the Ironman. We met up with a friend of my dad and his family at the swim start and spent the entire day with them. We ate breakfast, watched the swim/bike transition, some of the bike route, the bike/run transition and then ended the afternoon with watching the pros finish up the marathon. If you are unsure what an Ironman Triathlon is…well its a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike, and a full 26.2 marathon. Talk about insane huh? Guess who is planning on doing on in 2012…DAD! Wish him luck everyone, he has the training ahead of him now.
Want to know how we ended our fabulous day of wandering the streets of Coeur d’Alene and watching the Ironman Tri? We had a Surf and Turf dinner with King Crab legs and Steak…Delicious! I can not thank our friend’s the Smith Family more for their generosity and hospitality for putting up with my dad and I all day! It was an amazing day!
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