Day 12

I have been bad at blogging the last few days of the trip, but not by choice. We didn’t figure out our friends passcode to his internet until Monday and by then I was exhausted. Though, wouldn’t you be too after having been riding for almost 3,000 miles. I’m going to do my best to summarize our trip to Idaho and our 2.5 day stay in Idaho! So lets start with our trip to CDA:

Day 12 Daily Stats: LAST RIDING DAY
Time of Departure: 8:30 AM                                   
Departure City: Pendleton, Oregon
Time of Arrival: 4:50 PM        
Arrival City: Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
Total Travel Time: 8 hours 20  minutes (no info on riding time)
TOTAL MILAGE: 310.0 miles

Can you believe it…Dad and I survived our last riding day together traveling through three states. We drove for a total of 10 out of the 12 days for a total of 2,993 miles (seriously, only 7 miles under the 3,000 mark). 

To be quite honest, if your visiting Pendleton, Oregon, there is one thing you MUST see before leaving. Can you guess it? If you guessed the Pendleton Woolen Mills, then you would be correct! We didn’t get to go on a tour as it was 9AM on a Saturday, which they normally don’t have tours on the weekends, but just walking around their store is quite impressive. It’s hard to imagine how a company makes a living from wool products. I can’t imagine people in Phoenix wanting to own any wool products, since their designed for warmth. All in all, it was cool that I can now say I have been to their head factory!
Outside the warehouse 🙂
We continued our drive north on a beautiful scenic route…which we soon found out was called Hells Canyon. Dad’s response: “I don’t know why it’s called Hells Canyon? I would say it’s pretty heavenly.” I would have to agree. We rode near a creek for a ways, then through small towns, then down a twisty, gorgeous mountainside. We even drove past buffalos, another animal we can add to our list of wildlife we’ve seen. 
See Heavenly 🙂
Half way down the mountain was the Washington/Oregon Border…yes, it was literally halfway down the mountain. It’s not like dad and I didn’t stop, which of course we did, but it was just a funny location. At least, I thought so.

We also crossed the Washington/Idaho Border which was placed in the middle of a river. Another great choice for a border, but nothing we can really do about changing them :-). This border happens to be in between Clarkston and Lewiston, towns named after Lewis and Clark. Pretty neat huh?
Washington Border; Idaho Border; The river dividing the two; I couldn’t resist IDAHO!

 From there, it was just a straight shot up to the Sweiter Compound (dad’s friends cabin). I compound, well because it is like a compound, an absolutely beautiful and scenic compound nonetheless. I felt pretty privilege to get to stay on this gorgeous property…and I cannot wait to go back!!

Sweiter Compound: left is the main house and the fountain; right is dad and the view!
Dad and I kept it simple that night because we had a long day awaiting us in the morning, as the Ironman Coeur d’Alene was the next morning!!!  

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