Day 11

Daily Stats:
Time of Departure: 9:00 AM                                   
Departure City: Sisters/Bend, Oregon
Time of Arrival: 4:57 PM
Arrival City: Pendleton, Oregon
Total Travel Time: 7 hours 57  minutes (5 hrs 36 min on bike)
TOTAL MILAGE: 301.4 miles

Today was a shorter day than both dad and I expected. We haven’t arrived at a destination this early our whole trip. It’s crazy how times change when you get a freeway involved. 

We got off to a late start this morning, since both dad and I woke up in the wee hours of the morning to the sound of rain…or at least we thought it was rain. Dad went to go check and thank goodness it was just the sprinklers hitting the trailer. While outside, dad randomly looked up, then woke me up, because the sky was so crystal clear. You could see the milky way. It was incredible! Well worth the 4am wake up time.

We did manage to get up and on the road by 9, which was pretty impressive considering. I got a great picture of the Three Sisters (mountain range) on our way out of town, since the sky was clear.

Three Sisters

We ate breakfast in Redmond, only about 20 miles from Sisters at a chain called Black Bear Diner. Breakfast is becoming my new favorite meal…as we have often skipped lunch because of it. Pancakes, eggs, sausage, how can you possibly go wrong?!?

Don’t Feed the Bears
On today’s drive, we passed the 45th Parallel which marks the half way point between the equator and the north pole. Dad even turned around for it, just to get a photograph! It was then off to Mt. Hood National Forest. Would you believe if I told you that Mt. Hood was still COMPLETELY covered in snow? Would you also believe if I told you that dad and I were a little cold on the ride? Well both are true and here’s proof about the snow.

Entering the National Forest
We are officially on the top 1/4th of the world!

Finally on the decent down, the weather began to warm up. Of course making a pit-stop at The Gorge White House (historic landmark) for some wine tasting (I did the tasting) may have help :-). This was a very nicely maintained property in the middle of the Columbia River Gorge that is famous for their pear wine; all pears are grown on their estate. You can also pick your own flowers and strawberries. It was quite enjoyable and a great place for our mid-day break.

Wine Tasting!
From there, we then journeyed through the Columbia River Gorge to Pendleton, which is VERY western and filled with cowboys and cowgirls. Since today was Friday, it happened to be their weekly farmer’s market that was filled with organic fruits and veggies, music, and Weiner dog races. You did read that correctly. I did say weiner dog races. Apparently it brings in quite a crowd as their were weiner dogs all over main street and not to mention quite a sight to see.
We ate a wonderfully delicious dinner in a 100 year old building at a place called Hamley’s Salon; so western. Dad even considered buying a cowboy shirt…but mom said he was still not invited to Country Thunder.
It may have been a relatively short riding day (time that is), but it was still packed full of excitement. Never a dull moment! Only one riding day left as we head to Coeur d’Alene, ID via the Lewis and Clark Trail (Oregon Trail) in the AM. It will be my first time in Washington and Idaho so let’s hope for more great weather.
Oregon Trail Baby!!
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