Day 1

Daily Stats:
Time of Departure: 4:05 AM                                   
Departure City: Phoenix, AZ (aka home) 
Time of Arrival: 3:18 PM        
Arrival City: Kernville, CA (near Lake Isabella)
Total Travel Time: 10 hours 13 minutes (8 hrs 48 min on bike)
TOTAL MILAGE: 520.7 miles
All I can say about today is that WE SURVIVED!!! It was a long hull through the Arizona & California deserts but not going to lie…there were some spectacular scenery along the way. Apparently, the sign of the day was “Watch for Cattle,” which was posted, roughly, every 6 minutes for a solid 1.5 hrs, though we never spotted one. Confused?!? We were too.
While the rest of were sleeping in your nice cozy beds, we were already 3 hours into our drive eating breakfast in Parker, AZ at “Badenoch’s on the River.” If you have never eaten their before, it is well worth the drive (the view of the Colorado River is a plus, too).
From their we continued on, which thanks to our lovely new Garmin GPS (dad’s Father’s Day present to himself), I couldn’t really tell you the route we took. Nor, could my dad. It wasn’t until about an hour outside of Kernville, when dad actually had to start paying attention to his driving. It went from dead flat to beautiful mountain passes.
Here are just a few photos of todays ride, don’t forget to check back tomorrow for Sequoia National Forest and Park and King’s Canyon National Park.
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